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Last year, I lost my Android phone to a thief. Not only did I lose the device, but I also lost a lot of important data that I had stored in it, which caused me a lot of problems. But through it all, I also got to learn a lot of important things about what to do if I lost my phone and how to prevent or minimize the possibility of losing any device I may own in the future.

This post will cover two parts. The first is what you should do immediately upon discovering that your device has been lost or stolen. The steps will include ways to find your device, and secure any sensitive data that is contained on that device.

We will then go into preventative measures you can take (in the future and now) to secure your device.

Let's check it out.

Help, I lost my phone!
There are four things you can do immediately upon discovering that your Android device can't be found anywhere:

  • Track your Android
  • Secure your accounts
  • Lock your SIM card
  • Disconnect your Android accounts

1. track your Android

There is a free and easy way to locate your Android device, and that is by using Android Device Manager. You don't need to have this installed on your phone first to work. Just go to the site and sign in with the Google account you used to sign in to your Android device.

The last location of your device will be shown to you with an accuracy of about 20 meters. You will also get how far the device is from you, and its last time online.

On this page, you can also lock your device, make it ring (to make it easier to locate if it's nearby), or as a last resort, erase the data you have on your device to prevent identity theft or loss of any important information.

Check it out: Messenger

2. secure your accounts

You probably have your emails, social networks, news groups all on your (lost) device. It is necessary to secure all our accounts by logging in with another device and changing their passwords. This includes your main Google account.

manage your account

By changing your main Google password, any unauthorized person using your phone will not be able to access your personal accounts, contacts, apps and other information.

i can't sign in

Know that changing your Google password will not affect your efforts to locate your device using Android Device Manager (in step 1). After changing your password, you can still track Android, lock or remotely wipe data from your phone.

Read more at: https://inlookup.com


3 Lock your SIM card

It is recommended that you lock your SIM card not only to prevent abuse of calling privileges, but also because messaging apps like Whatsapp and Line use your phone number to verify your account.

If you've signed up for two-step access verification for accounts like email, you'll need to regain ownership of your phone number. Your phone provider will help you get your number back, on a new SIM card, after locking the card that is in your lost phone.

4. disconnect your accounts

This is less urgent, but a step you need to do all the same. Disconnect your accounts from the lost device to stop the synchronization process on Android.

For example, if you're using Dropbox on Android, disconnect that device from your account via the website by going to your account security page, then finding your device in the list and clicking the "x" button. You will need to do this for all the services you have connected to your device, one by one.

To learn more, go to: https://inlookup.com



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